The Office of Institutional Research is located in Johnson Hall, on the University of Oregon campus at 1098 East 13th Avenue, Eugene

The Office of Institutional Research is located at:

  • 360 E 10th Avenue Suite 201
  • Eugene, OR 97401

The Office of Institutional Research provides management information and analytical support to the University's decision makers, enhancing strategic planning and policy-making processes. We serve as the chief information clearinghouse for the University and conduct research on student, faculty, and staff to promote on-going institutional self-assessment. Institutional Research also fulfills the University's compliance reporting requirements at both the federal and state levels.


What's New

Our Goals
  • Provide the highest quality data, information, and analytical services.
  • Anticipate our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Provide institutional research and assessment data and data analysis to departments and units throughout the University community.
  • Organize and conduct other institutional assessment programs, including assessment of student learning and student activities, both independently and in collaboration with other departments.
  • Provide institutional assessment results and analysis to administrative units, academic departments, and offices providing student support services.
  • Serve as consultants to other University offices, departments, and individuals on institutional data collection and analysis matters.
Core Responsibilities
  • Planning and Analysis. Provide conceptual and analytical support for university-wide planning activities.
  • Faculty and Staff Studies. Provide a variety of studies about faculty issues including teaching loads, course enrollments, and equity salary studies.
  • Student Studies. Provide analytical support for student programs including enrollment patterns and trends and retention and graduation analyses.