Credit Hour and FTE Report Help


Use the menus on the Create Report tab to customize your report. Credit Hour and FTE reports can be customized by

   Content    Time    Academic unit


Comparison Report (year-by-year): A data report grouped by fiscal year, with each year displaying in a separate table.

*Note: To view a complete fiscal year, all terms must be selected from the Term filter. Otherwise, the results represent only the term(s) selected in the filter. If a single term is selected in the Term filter, this report corresponds to the Comparison Report (term-by-term).

Comparison Report (term-by-term): A data report grouped by term and fiscal year, with each term / year displaying in a separate table.


Credit Hour Type: Credit Hour Type refers to whether a course is classified as “Regular” or “Self-Support”. Select Regular credit hours, Self-support credit hours, or Total credit hours (Regular plus Self-support). See definitions of Regular Credit Hours and Self-Support Credit Hours for additional detail.

Department Detail: Select the level of detail to display within each School/College. Choices are School/College and School/College and Department. Reports include a summary for each level of detail.

Report Content: The six types of report content that correspond to the type of data (student credit hours, course credit hours, and FTE) and whether to display UG/GR or detailed levels. See Definitions for additional detail.


Report data are limited according to the selection(s) made under each filter. Reports can be filtered on School/College, Fiscal Year, and Term. To select multiple values in a filter, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting values with the mouse. All values that are selected while the Ctrl key is pressed will be added to the filter. When you have finished selecting values for the filter, release the Ctrl key.