Student Experience at the Research University (SERU)

About SERU

SERU was formed in 2008 and currently includes sixteen major US public research universities, including all nine undergraduate campuses of the University of California system and seven other AAU institutions: Rutgers University, University of Florida, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Minnesota, University of Oregon, University of Pittsburgh and University of Texas at Austin.  SERU’s mission is to create new data sources and analysis to better understand the undergraduate experience at major research universities and to promote a culture of institutional self-improvement.  By conducting student surveys, the project will accumulate longitudinal information on the student experience, allowing comparisons over time and across departments and universities.

About SERU on UO Campus

Approximately 3,800 respondents answered the academic questions in the first UO survey in spring 2010.  The survey will be administered again this spring, with results available in summer 2011.  Approximately 34,000 students responded at other participating universities, allowing meaningful comparisons at the department and university level.  For assessment purposes, Institutional Research has compiled data providing average responses for a set of 113 questions related to the academic experience, including academic development, academic engagement, overall satisfaction and evaluation of major.  Respondents also answered other questions not included in the current analysis, such as campus diversity, student background, civic engagement and student life, among others. 

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